TNT: Thursday Night Throwdown | Episode 23

Check out the twenty-third episode of TNT: Thursday Night Throwdown, a LIVE weekly podcast based in London, Ontario, Canada focusing on Pro-Wrestling, Canadian Independent Wrestling and much more as CWN Founder & Editor Chris Maloney and Shawn Bates of the Scumbags of Wrestling alongside fellow Scumbag Steven O’Neil shared their thoughts on #SpeakingOut, WWE & COVID-19, New Japan Cup 2020, Backyard PRO, The Undertaker, Edge, Matt Riddle, Shawn Spears, AEW vs. NXT, the latest in Canadian Independent Wrestling, #FWTonTNT and much more!

TNT: Thursday Night Throwdown detonates LIVE every Thursday night @ 8PM ET on Facebook Live & Twitch and you can check out our twenty-third episode at the following links 🧨



Anchor (Audio Only):–Episode-23-efodmt


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