#Powerrr Post Show | S6E6

NWA POWERRR: Television title matches, tons of talking, and tag team turmoil

Television title matches, tag teams in turmoil, and tons of talking are on tap when you…

Mickie James Has A Major Announcement! Tyrus Defends The TV Title! | NWA Powerrr S6E6 Preview

#Powerrr Post Show | S6E4

NWA POWERRR: Fighting three ways from Tuesday

There’s a lot of action to get through, as we step Into The Fire at The…

NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch Tags With Pope In Our Main Event! | NWA Powerrr S6E4 Preview

#PowerrrSurge Post Show | S6E1

NWA POWERRR: A POWERRR-Surge of action

Returning back from Gold Coast Hotel & Casino to the comfort of my Lucha-cave to step…

#Powerrr Post Show | S6E3

NWA Powerrr Results (9/14): Top Contender Crowned For NWA TV Title, Slap Fight

NWA aired its latest episode of Powerrr on September 14. The show aired on FITE TV. Full…

Season 2 of Sluggin’ with Steven O’Neil premieres next week!

Sluggin’ with Steven O’Neil is an exclusive interview series courtesy of CWN Contributor Steven O’Neil. Steven…

Jax Dane vs Crimson – Humiliation Showcase | NWA Powerrr S6E3 Preview

#Powerrr Post Show | S6E2

NWA POWERRR: The future of The Dealer, Nick Aldis

The National Wrestling Alliance is still sifting through the aftermath of the NWA 73 pay-per-view, none…

Trevor Murdoch Speaks On Nick Aldis’ Return | NWA Powerrr S6E2 Preview

Trevor Murdoch: NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion | NWA Powerrr S6E1

NWA POWERRR: The title reign of Trevor Murdoch and Tyrus smashes

So much to unpack after the Nationa1 Wrestling Alliance had a big weekend with their double…

John Goodman on the history of Wrestling At The Chase in St. Louis | NWA 73 Open

Season 5 Best Of – Full Episode | NWA Powerrr S5E11

#Powerrr Post Show | 8-24-21